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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Thanks to all those who have commented on these posts. Of course, the more people that comment, the more enlightening the discussions will be.

I came across an interesting article about what the Business World can learn from Open Source and Blogging. The author, Paul Graham, has some interesting points he brings up, although, they may be a bit too extreme for most executives who have to satisfy the demands of so many entrenched corporate stakeholders. Slashdot's community also has some interesting responses.

What he is talking about can be boiled down to what we claim is the design process. The generation of a lot of initial concepts results in a better selection of the better designs. "The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas," says Tom Kelly on the infamous "Deep Dive" Nightline Report. Why is it, then, that the more experienced a designer becomes, the less other designers can question or disagree with that designer's decisions? True they have experience, clout, prestige, a successful history, but what is the trade off? Well, I believe that the more people you have working on a design, the more successful that design would be. From a business sense, however, this does not make any sense, because aggregating all the differing opinions becomes a daunting and impossible task. The need for design managers becomes very clear because it is their responsibility to organize and consolidate all the best guesses of their subordinates and be the go-to guys if there is a problem with it.

The real question is this: How can you eliminate all the obstacles of productivity with your employees, yet maintain an organized chain of responsibility? I am working on a theory, but right now it’s half baked at best. Nevertheless, I would appreciate any comments or theories that others might have.

Well, its interesting reading, none the less.