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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Never satisfied.

I am never really satisfied at the completion of a design project. During the course of a project, I learn so much about both how and why a design is the way it is. So, when the deadline passes, I often look back at the bigginning of the project and wish that I had done certain things differently so that the design could have been a lot better. But, alas, a designer is never the same after he designs something. Therefore, they will never be satisfied with earlier efforts.

With that in mind, I have been working a little on the redesign of the site. Features include a template update, AJAX implementation, and an expanded portfolio. Though the site will be cutting edge in technology and design, I am avoiding the stereotypical Web 2.0 "look".

So, while I work away at that, the least I can do for now is to show you a picture I just completed. I was commissioned (for free) to design a logo for the East Brunswick Young Single Adult organization. Eventually, the logo will go on stationary and perhaps contact cards. For the time I put in it, I think it came out real nice: